Friday, 18 June 2010

The (not so) Lucky Fish by Vicki Fong

The Lucky Fish depicts a small menagerie of animals and wildlife; singing and flying birds, a hazardous mouse and not forgetting - the fish.

Vicki Fong was inspired by her Chinese heritage and, in particular, one significant memory from her childhood:

"A great number of Chinese believe that having fish in the home brings good fortune to its occupants.  Eager to ensure optimum luck, Vicki's mother followed the basic rules governing the required number and their careful positioning around the house.  Unfortunately, there were no available guidelines on the best breeds and it was with morbid horror that the Fongs watched one particular malevolent fish kill all it's cohabitants. It took several expensive trips to the pet store to get the formular right."

Visit Vicki's website to see more of her illustrations inspired by Chinese customs and her childhood memories.

The Lucky Fish is hand screen printed on the style, CHLOE, part of our S/S 2010 collection.  Find it in our online shop.

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