Wednesday, 3 November 2010

DAKOTA with the Artwork, 'Waves of Desire' A/W 2010

DAKOTA is a fine gauge stretch cotton/wool cardigan, with a highly detailed bicolour print, combined with a highly embellished traditional jacquard yoke in soft Merino Wool.
The embroidery on the yoke was inspired by this African headdress - a delicious combination of  antiquated gold and silver with pearls.
The artwork 'Waves of Desire' was designed in-house and inspired by the Utagawa Kuniyoshi exhibition at the Royal Academy, especially the illustrations of Samurai warriors donning full body tattoos.
Detail from 'Waves of Desire', printed on the styles DAKOTA and DILYS, as part of Lark Rising's A/W 2010 collection.


  1. lovely design! have a great week-end, Maria

  2. Fabulous designs. I wonder how expensive are these..

  3. Thank you! This style is one of our most expensive - the embroidery is an artwork in itself! We really appreciate your words of support. LR x