Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Introducing ... Demons' Day Out A/W 2010

'Demons' Day Out' depicts a multitude of demons and deities from far flung countries, brought together in a kaleidoscopic landscape.
The starting point for this artwork was a scroll found in a Hastings antique store (shown BELOW).  We believe it to represent the Buddhist deity ‘Fudō Myō-ō’.
Fudō’s aureole is the flames of fire, which according to Buddhist lore, represent the purification of the mind by the burning away of all material desires.
 Also, Fudō' has an all-seeing third eye in the centre of his forehead.
Fudō has a furious, glaring face: he seeks to convert anger into salvation. He carries a devil-subduing dagger (representing wisdom cutting through ignorance) and a device to catch and bind up demons.

Inspiration was drawn from popular Indian, Japanese and Chinese mythology, such as this beautifully illustrated book on Hindu Gods (BELOW).
BELOW LEFT: Thunder Demon by Tawaraya Sotatsu, and RIGHT: Detail from 'Demons' Day Out'.
Fujin is the god of wind, and Raijin is a the god of thunder, depicted in Chinese legends. Both are thought to live above the clouds. A legend of Chinese Buddhism says that the two gods were originally evil demons who opposed Buddha. So Buddha ordered his heavenly army to capture the two demons. After a severe battle between demons and 33 gods, the two demons were finally captured. They have been working for heaven ever since.
Weather doodles: In China, the earliest known representations of the Wind and Thunder Gods are found in the 6c caves at Dunhuang where they are accompanied by rain and lightning gods.
Lark Rising's 'Demons' Day Out' is hand screen printed on the style, DINKY, as part of our A/W 2010 collection. Find it in our online shop.
DINKY, a soft stretch Cotton/Wool wrap with Merino Wool jacquard knit detailing, is shown here in colourway Cloudburst.