Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Treat for Ruth Ishbel Munro Fans!

Yesterday, Lark Rising collaborator and very good friend Ruth Ishbel Munro popped by the studio with a pile of old drawings ... Oh my, with what glee we pounced upon them!

Ruth graduated  in 2008 from the University Of Brighton with a BA Hons in Illustration and she continues to work in Brighton as a freelance illustrator. Her work is an emotive amalgamation of everyday mundane life and extreme surrealism.

The treasures Ruth bestowed upon us are shown below: some original sketches for some of her more well known artworks, as well as few random curiosities thrown in the mix - parsnip chip anyone?

Anyone who has ever looked at Ruth's work will be familiar with this fearsome battle scene, the way Ruth got the girl to lock eyes with the octopuss is an artistic feat in itself.

'Plunger', part of Ruth's 2008 graduate show.

This study for 'Butterfly Net' demonstrates a Ruth's penchant for the macabre  - a dreadful child, catching butterflies and nailing them live onto the page! 

'Eating Parsnips'.  'Nough said. 

Cat chewing a girls foot.

Most cat owners will be familiar with this cat-to-toe maneuver (usually at 4am when the duvet has uncovered said toe).

Original prints, paintings and drawings by Ruth are available at and  She also does super commissions.

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